Roger Dean Stadium- 5/19/2013

If you have been following my blog, you would have known that I wanted to see the Dbacks today. Instead, I went back to Roger Dean Stadium for a fourth time this season to watch the Hammerheads and the Cardinals.

I got to the stadium and there wasn’t a person in sight- other than a guy on a bench. Here was the scene when I got out of the car:

View when I got out of the car

I went to get my ticket:


If you buy your tickets online, you have to pay $9.50. Look at how much I paid for this ticket:

2 dollar ticket

$2. That was a pleasant surprise. I went to walk around the stadium, when I captured these pictures:


Gate B

I decided to wait for the gait to open. I was the only person waiting to get in when, finally, they let me in. I was the only fan in the stadium until families showed up to play catch:

Empty RDS

Families play catch

I went on to get autographs from the Hammerheads. They would all come up and sign, but maybe that was because I was the only fan asking for autographs. Austin Barnes and Austin Nola share birthdays, and I mentioned it to Barnes. He didn’t know it, and when Nola came out, Barnes was like “ask him his birthday”. 12/28/1989 is what says, but I think Barnes was in 88. Pretty soon, Austin Nola came out to stretch:

Austin Nola 3

And we had a little conversation. He asked me if I came out to Roger Dean Stadium often, and we were talking about baseball being far better than any other sport (sorry, it is). He said “Nothing beats baseball”.

Once all of the players came out, I went to get a hot dog and a soda. Nothing beats going out to the ballpark and enjoying a baseball game with a hot dog. I found a seat behind home plate, and the game started. It was a pitchers duel. Nobody scored until the 8th inning, when the Hammerheads started a rally. There was a play at the plate at one point in the game, and I didn’t have my camera out in time. The runner was out- I don’t remember who it was.

Here is a shot that I got from behind the plate:

Artsy shot

I tried to take pictures and get third out balls at the same time, but I didn’t do a very good job. I didn’t right down who I took pictures of and I seemed to take pictures of the same people.

Midway through the game, I went to spin a wheel (which I failed to photograph). The winnings included FSL Ticket, Baseball Cards, and Nerf balls. I spun it once and made it to FSL Ticket:

Free Ticket

I tried my luck three more times and all I got were Nerf balls.

Midway through the game, Heath Wyatt was on the mound for the Cardinals. He got the win in my last game. Here are some shots of him pitching:

Heath Wyatt

Heath Wyatt 2

Heath Wyatt 1

Heath Wyatt 3

I love his pitching rotation. I think sidearms are the funkiest deliveries, yet the most interesting. He was struggling. I believe the bases were loaded when the Cardinals came out for a mound visit:

Mound Visit

One run came home for Jupiter as they would win, 1-0:

Final Score


Player Photos:

Alex Burg

Alex Burg 1

Alex Burg

Andy Haines

Andy Haines

Austin Barnes

Austin Barned

Austin Barnes (2)

Austin Barnes 1

Austin Barnes

Austin Nola

Austin Nola (2)

Austin Nola 1

Austin Nola 2

Austin Nola

Brent Keys

Brent Keys 1

Brent Keys 2

Brent Keys

Colin Wash

Colin Wash

Danny Stienstra

Danny Stienstra (2)

Danny Stienstra

(Those are awesome socks)

Greg Nappo

Greg Nappo 1

Greg Nappo

Jake Esch- Notice that his eyes are closed

Jake Esch 1

James Nygren

James Nygren (2)

James Nygren

Joe Coleman

Joe Coleman 1

Joe Coleman 2

Johnny Rodriguez

Johnny Rodriguez

Jonathan Cornelius

Jonathan Cornelius (2)

Jonathan Cornelius (3)

Jonathan Cornelius 1

Jonathan Cornelius 2

Jonathan Corneluis 3

Josh Adams

Josh Adams (2)

Josh Adams (3)

Josh Adams

Justin Nicolino

Justin Nicolino 2

Justin Nicolino

Here is his glove:

Justin Nicolino's glove

He would put his cap on the glove, but I noticed it when everyone was walking out.

Nick Longmire

Nick Longmire 1

With runners on 1st and 3rd, Danny Stienstra grounded into a double play, ending the inning. Here is Stephen Piscotty (PMB) and Austin Barnes (Jupiter)

Piscotty and Barnes

I also noticed a player sitting here, although I don’t know who he is:

Player sitting in a weird spot

Here is Ryan Rieger

Ryan Rieger 2

Matt Williams (left) and Colin Wash (right)

Wash and Williams

I wasn’t able to identify these players. I didn’t write down who I took pictures of, so it was a guessing game:

Who is this (2)

Who is this (3)

Who is this (4)

Who is this (5)

Who is this

The Hammerheads Bullpen:

Hammerheads bullpen

I also took pictures with Andy Haines, Robbie Redbird, Josh Adams, and Austin Barnes:

Me and Andy Haines

Me and Robbie Redbird

Josh Adams and me

Austin Barnes and me

If you guessed correctly, I was wearing the Roger Dean Stadium t-shirt I got on 2/24 at The Dean. Here are my two baseballs:

2 baseballs

Balls 9 and 10 of my life, 8 and 9 in MiLB this year. Here are my autographs:

Ball 1, 1

Andy Haines

Ball 1, 2

Josh Adams

Austin Nola

Ross Wilson

Ball 1, 3

Nick Wittgren

Josh Hodges

Patrick Merkling

Ball 1, 4

Joe Coleman

Justin Nicolino

Austin Barnes

Alex Burg

Ball 1, 5

Brent Keys

Isaac Galloway

James Nygren

Ronald Barnes

Jake Esch

Ball 2, 2

Jordan Conley

Ball 2, 3

Jared Rogers

Ball 2, 4

Josh Adams

Thanks for reading! I will have a baseball card pack break up on Saturday.

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