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Mail- Week of 11/24-11/30

After over a month of waiting for something in the mail, I got something from the Tri-City Valley Cats on Friday the 29th. The Valley Cats have always sent me some cool stuff- you can read about some previous posts here and here.


1 2013 Pocket Schedule

1 John Joseph Evers Hall of Fame card


2013 Magnetic Schedule


Gameday Program- August/September


2013 NYPL Champions Team Photo

Unfortunately, the team photo was a little beat-up by the time it got into my mailbox:


I think teams should start writing “handle with care” or “do not bend” on the packages to ensure nothing is damaged.

Sent: October 5, 2013

Received: November 29, 2013- 55 Days

Thanks to the Tri-City Valley Cats for the fan pack! Thanks for reading!

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  • 2014 Goals (December 31)
  • Mail/Pack Breaks (If I get any mail/baseball cards)
  • Mini Bat Collection or 2013 Souvenirs Collection

Mail- 7/22/2013 through 8/31/2013

I am WAY behind on the blog, as I am two posts back.  Let’s get started.

The Rome Braves sent a fan pack and I got it on July 22nd. However, I can’t find it the pictures, and because I am already far behind, I will list what I got.

  • 3 2013 Pocket Schedules
  • 2 Mascot Cards
  • 1 10th anniversary patch
  • 1 2013 magnetic schedule
  • 1 Gameday magazine
  • 2 Post cards

Two days later, on the 24th, I received a fan pack from the Miami Marlins:

Miami 7-24

  • 1 2013 Magnetic Schedule
  • 1 Bumper Sticker

Miami 7-24 (2)

This is a licence plate advertisement. I have some of these from several teams.

Miami 7-24 (3)

  • “On Deck- July”- The Marlins game-day magazine

Miami 7-24 (4)

  • Justin Ruggiano P.C.
  • Marcell Ozuna P.C.- I got his autograph when he was a Hammerhead (which was last year)

Miami 7-24 (5)

  • A.J. Ramos P.C.

Miami 7-24 (6)

Little League Magazine (??)- A little weird getting this in a fan pack, but keep in mind, it came from the Marlins. You don’t know what to expect from them. The next fan pack came on August 1st:

Ft Wayne Tin Caps 8-1

The Fort Wayne Tin Caps sent me a couple pocket schedules. The Cedar Rapids Kernels also sent a fan pack, and I got it on August 1st as well:

Cedar Rapids 8-1

1 2011 Suite Ticket Stub

Ozzie Lugo Player Card

Pocket Schedule

Here is the note they added:

Cedar Rapids 8-1 (2)

I wanted to include the address in the picture, just in case anyone wanted it. The next fan pack was actually my first ever from the Northwest League; this one coming from the Everett Aquasox:

Everett Aquasox 8-7

The Aquasox sent me these pocket schedules. I was happy to finally get something that league.

Sent: August 2, 2013

Received: August 7, 2013- 5 Days

The Tri-City Valley Cats are great senders, so I was excited to find a fan pack from them in the mail. Here is what they sent:

Valley Cats 8-9 (2)

– Magnetic Schedule

– Gameday Magazine

Valley Cats 8-9

– HOF card- John Joseph Evers

– 2013 Pocket Schedule

Sent: July 28, 2013

Received: August 9, 2013- 12 Days

If you’ve been reading this blog since it began back in January, you might have noticed a lot of fan packs from the Clearwater Threshers- that’s because they send me their program, “Thresher Times”. I don’t know why, but I want every issue of it. Here is one of the fan packs they sent me:

Threshers 8-12

– 2013 Pocket Schedules, Ticket info

Threshers 8-12 (2)

A new issue of Thresher Times!

– Sent: July 28, 2013

– Received: August 12, 2013- 15 Days

The next item wasn’t a fan pack- it was an autograph, coming from Royal Jeremy Guthrie:

Guthrie 8-21

I sent this out in APRIL hoping it would be a quick return, and when I found this in the mailbox, I noticed it came from Detroit. Turns out, the Royals were playing in Detroit when I got this:

Sent: April 13, 2013

Received: August 21, 2013- 130 Days (3 days short of setting the record for longest return time)

The final thing in this post came from Roger Dean Stadium- you might remember that name from other posts on this blog. I read online that they were sending mini-pennants and baseball caps, so I told them that I live 30 minutes away and that I go to a bunch of games there. Here is what they sent:

Roger Dean FP 8-29 (2)

2013 Magnetic Schedule- already had it

4 baseball cards that I didn’t previously own

Roger Dean FP 8-29

Gameday Magazine- you will see it in another post. I’m still happy to get this stuff for free, considering the amount of stuff I buy up there.

That is it for this post. I went to a baseball game on the 11th (over a month ago) at Roger Dean Stadium, and I have some mail (not as much as Aug.) in September to recap next week, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading, and thanks to the generous baseball teams for the fan packs!

Mail- Week of 3/30-4/6

I haven’t posted anything in a while, and I already have a lot of stuff to post. I know that the 30th and the 6th are both Saturdays, but I haven’t talked about the autograph I received on the 30th:


This is from Travis Snider. I didn’t know if I was going to get this autograph back, so I was glad to find it in my mailbox. Unfortunately, he signed it in ballpoint ink:

Sent: February 16, 2013

Received: March 30, 2013- 42 Days

The other mail I got that week was from the Tri-City Valley Cats. I previously sent them a request for pocket schedules, but because they are a Class A- SS team, I assumed they didn’t have great fan packs (or fan packs at all). Then, I read a post on 7000 Coliseum Way  about a Valley Cats fan pack, and I needed one. This is what I got:







They sent some awesome stuff:

– 2013 Calendar

– 2012 Team Yearbook

– Sticker

– H.O.F. Card- John Joseph Evers

I went to another high school game and I got some more mail, but not from teams or players. It is baseball-related mail, though. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Travis Snider and the Tri-City Valley Cats!

4 Fan Packs 1-7-2013

On January 7, 2013, I received the first 4 fan packs of 2013. They were from the New Britain Rock Cats, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, Tri-City Valley Cats, and the Toledo Mud Hens. Each of the fan packs I received were from teams in which I had never received anything from before. Here are some pictures:

New Britain Rock Cats- This team took 6 Days to respond. I sent a request on 1/1/2013, and they were kind enough to send me 4 2012 pocket schedules:



The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes took 7 Days, because I sent a request on Dec. 31:



Next is the Tri-City Valley Cats (sorry about the poor photos). They took 7 Days like the Quakes:



The final fan pack is from the Toledo Mud Hens. They sent 4 2012 and 4 2013 pocket schedules, and they took 15 Days. I requested pocket schedules on Dec. 23:



I really enjoy getting items from minor league teams, even if they are just pocket schedules. Normally, teams don’t reply or they say I need to send a SASE, so it’s great to get this. Thanks to the 4 teams that were kind enough to send something, and thanks for reading!