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2012 Year in Review

2012 was one of my favorite years, and I hope that 2013 is better. The only bad thing about 2012 was the Red Sox, which was their worst year since 1965. Their manager was an a-hole, who made Kevin Youkilis leave, and now Youk is with the Yankees. Nobody liked him, and nobody listened to him. The Red Sox were supposed to finish in the 80’s or 90’s in wins. They finished with 69. Their entire ballclub is different- take a look:

2012- Opening Day projected with 2013 alongside it

P- Jon Lester, Jon Lester

C- Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

1B- Adrian Gonzalez, Mike Napoli

2B- Dustin Pedroia, Dustin Pedroia

3B- Kevin Youkilis, Will Middlebrooks

SS- Mike Aviles, Stephen Drew

LF- Carl Crawford, Jonny Gomes

Cf- Jacoby Ellsbury, Jacoby Ellsbury

RF- Cody Ross, Shane Victorino

DH- David Ortiz, David Ortiz

Closer- Andrew Bailey, Joel Hanrahan

See what I mean?

This post was supposed to be about my stats. Here are some-

2008- 1

2009- 3

2010- 1

2011- 2

2012- 4

These are the amount of games that I went to. Keep in mind, my parents aren’t baseball fans, and I was only 14 in 2012. This was amazing for me- partly because I went to 3 games on my own. Here are some more stats-

2008- 0

2009- 1

2010- 0

2011- 3

2012- 42

These are my IP autographs. I went from 3 autos in 2 games in 2011 to 42 autographs in 4 games in 2012. Mid-way through 2012, I did research on getting autographs on the computer, and look at the improvement from game one to game four-

1- KC at TEX, Surprise Stadium- 7

2- SD at TEX, Surprise Stadium- 2

3- HVL at BHM, Regions Park- 9

4- DAY at JUP, Roger Dean Stadium- 24

My best autographs are from Billy Butler of the Royals and Christian Yelich of the Hammerheads (Miami). My best autographs at each game are:

1- Billy Butler

2- David Murphy

3- Jared Mitchell/Bobby Thigpen (can’t decide)

4- Christian Yelich

If you look at the first 2 games, they are cactus league games. The first game, between the Royals and the Rangers, was a game that I got all Royals autographs. I was able to get 7, including Billy Butler and Alex Gordon. The Rangers, for some reason, didn’t sign. I was only able to get 2 in the Rangers/Padres game, which included Luis Martinez and what I believe is David Murphy’s autograph. I remember #7 signing, and 7 is David Murphy, but it doesn’t look like his. Then, I did some research on how to get autographs, with numbers 3 and 4 being minor league games. I got 9 in AA and 24 in A+. That is the great thing about the minor leagues. You can get the autographs of the stars of tomorrow. There aren’t 50 people pushing and shoving to get an autograph at the minor league level, so players don’t mind signing. Plus, minor league players know their autographs won’t end up on ebay the following day. The Christian Yelich autograph was the toughest to get in the minors, because there were more people going after him. A little girl walked up to him with his picture, and his reaction was that her dad gave it to her. He asked for his name, because he knew it would most likely go on ebay. That shows how rude some people are to baseball players- making a quick buck with their kid.  I will post pictures of the 2 minor league baseball autographs.

Here are my TTM stats-

2011- 0/1

2012- 9/23

Total- 9/24

In 2011, I sent some cards to Dustin Pedroia, and he sent a PP autograph. I stopped sending cards, thinking nobody had the time to sign. I researched TTM-ing in mid 2012, and realized players did sign. I sent out 23 requests, and got 9 replies. My best response was from Josh Hamilton, which took 83 days. I sent the request in September, and most people send it in Feb/Mar. He is getting multiple requests next year while he is with the Angels. Here are some responses:

Mark Melancon x1

Heath Bell x1

Dan Plesac x2

Pat Neshek x3

Josh Hamilton x1

Wade Miley x1

The one stat that I will include that I really didn’t focus on is ball hawking. Here are the stats:

2008- 0

2009- 1

2010- 0

2011- 0

2012- 0

The one ball that I got is lost. It was a foul ball that my dad caught for me at a spring training game in Surprise- hit by Michael Young. I also got a Josh Hamilton autograph at the game, and it is lost.

Thanks for reading! I will have posts for fan packs that I have received recently, as well as the autographed baseballs.