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Mail- Week of 5/12-5/18

I haven’t been getting a lot of mail recently. Back in August 2012 (when I didn’t have a blog), I got two or three things a day over a two week span. Now, I don’t get much. I need to ask for more fan packs.

Going back to 2012, the Rome Braves sent me an awesome fan pack that included a yearbook, towel, and thunder sticks. I was hoping for the same result when I got this in the mail on Mon. the 13th:



Here is what I got:



2012 Rome Braves Team Photo

Mascot Card

2013 Pocket Schedule



April Program


“Romey’s Rascal” Bracelet

Picture of State Mutual Stadium



(Another) Towel

2013 Magnet Schedule

The Rome Braves have the best Minor League Fan Pack, and I am waiting to see if anyone can break that. The Rochester Red Wings could have done it, but they charged $10 (they said they would send a yearbook, pocket schedules, baseball cards, etc.).

The other fan pack I got came on the same day, and it was from the New Britain Rock Cats:



They had a pretty nice fan pack:



2 Tattoos

2013 Pocket Schedule

Ben Revere Baseball Card

I think it’s weird that I got the Revere card after I got the one in the Walgreens pack. I still like it. I might even start a Ben Revere collection.

That was all I got. This week (5/19-5/25), I didn’t get anything, so on Saturday there will be a post on baseball cards. The game on 5/19 should be up shortly- I have been busy with schoolwork and MLB Ballpark Empire on Facebook- you should try it. Thanks for reading, and thanks to the Braves and the Rock Cats for the fan packs!

4 Fan Packs 1-7-2013

On January 7, 2013, I received the first 4 fan packs of 2013. They were from the New Britain Rock Cats, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, Tri-City Valley Cats, and the Toledo Mud Hens. Each of the fan packs I received were from teams in which I had never received anything from before. Here are some pictures:

New Britain Rock Cats- This team took 6 Days to respond. I sent a request on 1/1/2013, and they were kind enough to send me 4 2012 pocket schedules:



The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes took 7 Days, because I sent a request on Dec. 31:



Next is the Tri-City Valley Cats (sorry about the poor photos). They took 7 Days like the Quakes:



The final fan pack is from the Toledo Mud Hens. They sent 4 2012 and 4 2013 pocket schedules, and they took 15 Days. I requested pocket schedules on Dec. 23:



I really enjoy getting items from minor league teams, even if they are just pocket schedules. Normally, teams don’t reply or they say I need to send a SASE, so it’s great to get this. Thanks to the 4 teams that were kind enough to send something, and thanks for reading!