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Fan Packs Week of 3/11-3/16

I didn’t get many fan packs this past week, but the one I received is from the Baltimore Orioles. I got this fan pack on Monday the 11th:



Here is what was inside:



The note said:

Dear Orioles Fan:

Thank you for your interest in and continued support in the Baltimore Orioles. Enclosed please find the information you requested.

For Orioles tickets, please visit us at http://www.orioles.com or call toll free 1-888-848-BIRD.

We hope to see you at the Yard!


The Baltimore Orioles

I went on to pull out these items:

Player Cards, Schedule


An Oriole Bird card, a Nate McLouth Player Card, a Luis Ayala player card, and a pocket schedule. They also sent ballpark tour information:



A licence plate information page:

Licence Plate


And, last but not least, some stickers:



Thanks to the Baltimore Orioles, and thanks for reading!