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Santaluces vs. Lake Worth- 4/17/2013

On April 16, John I. Leonard High School was scheduled to play Santaluces, and I would have been able to go if John I. didn’t have a make-up game and Santaluces wasn’t moved to Atlantic. On 4/17, Lake Worth came to Santaluces for the last home game of the regular season, and I thought I wasn’t going to go because of my Mom’s work schedule. Normally, she works night shifts, but on the 17th, it turns out she had a class during the day.

We left at the normal time- 6:00 for a 6:30 game start. I like to get to the baseball fields early to beat out the crowds, but when I got there, I heard the announcer talking, and I immediately thought I was late. When I went to get my $2 ticket, the man asked if I attended Santaluces, and I said yes. He let me in for free, and that explains why I don’t have a ticket stub.

The Chiefs were saying goodbye to the seniors before the game.

When I walked up to the field, I was a little ticked-off that someone else was operating the scoreboard. I will explain more about how I don’t like his scoreboard operating skills later.

I sat on the bleachers for the top of the 1st, but moved to the Lake Worth Trojan’s side to stand against the fence for better pictures:



I got some really good shots, which you will see later.

The Trojans jersey was pretty generic:



My friend, Ben, told me that Lake Worth had lots of jerseys last year, and that he didn’t know why they were wearing these.

To the scoreboard operators. In the middle of the game, there were 2 outs with the Trojans up to bat. I was taking pictures, and didn’t pay attention to all the details, so when I looked up at the scoreboard and saw one out, I cheered for a double play. When the Chiefs got one out and walked off the field, I felt SO STUPID. Ben told me he was laughing when he heard that. During the game, the kid was missing balls, strikes, and outs all the time. He was also the same guy at the Royal Palm game, and he missed RUNS and didn’t update the scoreboard until the end of the inning.

Here are the player photos:













That last one is Shawn. After the first game I went to, he said “I heard you cheering for me, even though you weren’t”. I made sure to cheer not only for him but the whole team. Here was the sunset:



That was behind me. Santaluces played a great game, and improved their record to 2-1 in games I attended with a 9-4 win:



Thanks for reading, and GO CHIEFS in the playoffs this year!


For those of you who are sick of these high school posts, this was the last home game of the year. I might go back, but that depends on Santaluces’ performance in the playoffs.

Santaluces vs. Boynton Beach- 4/11/2013

Yes, another high school game. Fortunately for me, Santaluces played better baseball this time around. If you don’t know, I attended a game on 4/6 vs. Royal Palm. The tickets are just $2, which is awesome, because you don’t get deals like that to watch professional games.

I got there at 6:10 for a 6:30 start. Coach Franco, who gave me the job of recording stats for next years team, spotted me on the bleachers and asked if I wanted to operate the scoreboard. I said yes, and he told me I would get community service- about 4 hours. It always feels great to get Community Service for doing something you love.

Here is what I was using to operate the scoreboard:


You would press “Strike-1” to indicate a strike, and “Ball-1” to indicate a ball. If there was a second strike, you would press “Strike- 1” again, and it would add the two strikes. When next batter would step up, you would press “Strike- Reset”. For an out, you would press “Out- 1”, and you would go to 2, then 3. When you got to the 3rd, it automatically reset to zero outs. For the inning, you would press “Inning- 1” and the numbers would add up, and for the score, you would press “Home Score- 1” or “Guest Score- 1”, depending on who earned the run. I’ll show the final score near the end of the post.

Santaluces got off to a good start. The same pitcher who I saw in my last Santaluces game was phenomenal (I don’t know his name). He was even getting some bad calls that would benefit him- occasionally, if there was a pitch inside, the umpire would rule it a strike.

The Boynton Beach Tigers, who have LSU colors and a purple Boston “B” for their logo, had terrible pitchers. One of their pitchers could not find the strike zone and would end up walking 4-5 batters.

Here is the “Press Box”:


I was sitting in the chair on the left, and a staff member named “Chef” (I am not the most popular kid in school) was recording statistics. Because of my amazing view, I was able to stick my camera’s lens through the chain-link fence and use the flash. Here are the Boynton players:




Our catcher was hit by a foul ball that he hit:


I put the Tigers in the photo on the left. I also took pictures of the guy I know best, Ben Fagan:


After the game, I got a weird shot of the final score:


Santaluces won, 11-1, in 6 innings. We won on a bobbled fly ball by the right fielder, which gave us the 10- run lead. Here is my ticket stub:


It was bent after being shoved into my pocket. After the game, I was bored, and went to take a picture of the Santaluces Aquatic Center:


I also got a shot of the cars that filled up the parking lot:


Our game wasn’t that packed- there was another game going on at another field. I am looking forward to my next baseball game (which could be on 4/16 at my school), but I don’t have a set date. Thanks for reading!

Santaluces vs. Royal Palm- 4/6/2013

This was a Royal Beating. Santaluces was TERRIBLE- they couldn’t put up any runs and the pitching couldn’t get it done. Maybe that’s because the winner of this game would win the district.

The last time I attended a high school baseball game was in Arizona, between my High School (the Stallions) and the Valley Vista Monsoon (our rivals), and they gave us a beating as well.

I got to the school’s baseball complex at 6:00 for a 6:30 game start. The plan was to roam around and photograph the complex for the blog, but I felt awkward doing it in front of people that attended the same classes as me. I also thought the other fans weren’t comfortable with me taking their pictures, so I just focused on the field. The ticket cost $2:


It isn’t too professional looking, but it is a high school game. There is a Sports Authority coupon on the back.

I took a spot on the bleachers and waited for first pitch:



Pretty soon, the managers (or coaches) came out with line-up cards to exchange:



The Chiefs are in white, and the Wildcats are in black. The Chiefs jersey isn’t too professional looking, as you will see later. The “press box” was a table right behind the plate, and there was a man with a microphone. He was calling out the names of the players as they stepped up to the plate, and every time someone fouled a ball off over the fence, he would yell “Heads up!” and a little kid would end up with a ball.

I saw a lot of people that I knew, and I only knew two baseball players. One of them is Ben Fagan:



He came in as a pinch runner and played a little bit at short. The other one was Shawn (I don’t remember his last name):



Do you see what I mean about the jerseys? They look like Little League jerseys.

Here are some player shots, and I will ask Ben to tell me who they are:





These are shots of Wildcats:




The one on the bottom features a Wildcat scoring. It gradually got darker:



I only brought $4, so I got two sodas. The baseball players would go and buy Gatorade, and when I went to get a second soda, one of the Wildcats was buying something. I said “Nice job out there” and he never replied. You would be watching the game and the sound of cleats against concrete would pop up, and a baseball player would be running to the bathroom. I saw Ben running over there and I called out his name.

The final score:

Royal Palm Wildcats: 13

Santaluces Chiefs: 3

After the game, I went over to the Chiefs dugout and talked to Ben. We talked about the game, and how bad it was for us. I am going to be the Stat Keeper for the Chiefs next season, and I told him that I wouldn’t let that happen.

One other thing that I did was walk around looking for tickets that people dropped, but there weren’t any.

The starter was charged with 8 runs! The bullpen did a good job of reducing the damage. Our offence couldn’t get it going.

Congratulations to the Wildcats for winning the district. I enjoyed the game, and I am looking forward to my next one!