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Goals- 2014

Happy New Year! This blog made it’s debut on January 4, 2013, and here we are nearly a year later. In case you missed it, here is my 2013 Season Recap. It has been a great year for me. I got my first line-up card, I went to eight ballgames and collected lots of autographs, and my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, won the World Series. Before I list some of my goals for the new year, here are some of my stats from 2013:

– 112 IP Autographs, 22 TTM Autographs (and counting- I consider anything sent in 2013 and received in 2014 to be a 2013 success)

– 14 Baseballs Snagged

– 1 Line-Up Card

Last year, I got most of my IP autographs on Official League balls. After reading Autograph University, and looking at the quality of my autographs, I realized that I needed to start collecting better. I will be printing lots of 8×10 photo’s and asking for players to sign those and baseball cards, since those are much cheaper than getting autographs on a $16 ROMLB (plus, I want to stop getting team balls and start getting them signed on the sweet spot by top prospects and developed veterans).

This year, I don’t know how many games I’ll make it to. I am hoping to get to a couple of Spring Training match-ups at Roger Dean Stadium and the Palm Beach Cardinals home opener to start the season. Some of my goals include:

– 160 Autographs (125 IP, 35 TTM)

– 20 Baseballs (I’m more of a ‘grapher than a ballhawk)

– 2 Line-up Cards

One of my long-term goals is to get a line-up card from each of the following leagues:

National League

American League

Pacific Coast League

International League

Eastern League

Southern League

Texas League

Florida State League (here‘s my not-so-great post on the game in which I got one)

California League

Carolina League

Midwest League

South Atlantic League

New York-Penn League

Northwest League

Grapefruit League

Cactus League

There are some other things I would like to get. Things like souvenir cups, mini-bats, and ticket stubs made the list:

– Collect cups from: Roger Dean Stadium, Tradition Field, Marlins Park, and Regions Field

– Collect 2 Mini-Bats: Palm Beach Cardinals and NYM -or- St. Lucie Mets

– Collect 25 Ticket Stubs

There’s also the stadiums I would like to visit:

– Visit Roger Dean Stadium 4 Times

– Visit Marlins Park once

– Visit Tradition Field once

– Visit Regions Field once

Other than those stadiums, I can’t guarantee that I’ll make it to a stadium out of town (I’m a junior in high school). I don’t want to make a goal that I can’t achieve.

2014 will hopefully be a great year for everyone and for Major League Baseball. Thanks for reading! GO RED SOX!

Upcoming Posts

  • 2013 Souvenirs (I know it’s late, but I want to show it anyway- January 5th or 6th)
  • Mail (if I get any- end of January)

Goals for 2013

Last year was my 5th year going to baseball games- and with parents that aren’t big fans of the game, it is difficult to go to games at 14 years of age. However, 3 of the 4 games I went to last year were by myself- and ironically, the game I went to with another person wasn’t with my parents.

This year, I look to double the games, the autographs, and I look to collect some baseballs. I also look to go to 3 different stadiums. Here are my goals:

  1. 100 Autographs- a minimum of 80 In-Person and 20 TTM. Last year, I started TTM-ing and got 9 autographs, as well as 42 IP autos.
  2. 20 Baseballs- I have never tried ballhawking, so I am new to this.
  3. Visit Marlins Park- I live an hour away from Miami.
  4. Visit Digital Domain Park- I live an hour from Port St. Lucie
  5. Visit the brand new Regions Field- My grandparents live in Birmingham
  6. Go to 8-10 games- my record is 4, set last year.

Keep in mind, Roger Dean Stadium is on my list. I live 40 minutes away, so as the closest stadium, it would be a goal too easy to accomplish. My parents might not like the idea to drive an hour to Miami, drop me off, drive an hour back home, and then come back when the game is over. Roger Dean Stadium is easier for them. 

Thanks for reading!