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2013 Topps Opening Day- Pack Break

Series 2 for the 2013 Topps set came out over a week ago, yet I didn’t purchase a pack. There weren’t any in the Super Target I went to, so I settled on a pack of 2013 Opening Day and some card sleeves. Here is the pack of cards:


I got my first mascot card of the year as well as a Grant Balfour blue card:

Opening Day Pack 2 Cards

I got some other cards, but I thought these were the best. When I looked up what some of the cards in Series 2 looked like, I noticed this:

big papi card

This is a must have card for any Red Sox fan, so I am hoping to find one of these in a pack this year. Unfortunately, I won’t make it to a game tonight at Roger Dean Stadium, but I will be in Birmingham for two weeks. I will fly there on Wednesday, and I will be at a Birmingham Barons game on Monday, July 8th. Then, on the 9th, I will be in Montgomery, hopefully taking a tour of the Biscuits’ Riverwalk Stadium (They have an off day that day, and that was the day my Grandmother could go). There will be plenty of posts from the game, to the Biscuits, to America’s oldest baseball stadium, Rickwood Field. Yes, it is older than Fenway- it opened in August 1910. I will still try to get the Busch Gardens post up before too long. Thanks for reading!

Topps/Upper Deck Pack Breaks

I didn’t find an autograph or a fan pack last week, so instead, I will blog about baseball cards. Last week, my Grandfather sent a package to my family, and I found these inside:


There was a pack of 2013 Topps Series 1 and a pack of Upper Deck, which included both Series 1 and 2. I went on to open the pack of Topps cards, and I am happy with what was in it. Here are just a few:


I wanted the Adam Greenberg card ever since Topps posted a picture of it last off season, and I finally got one in this pack of cards. Another awesome card was my only Red Sox card, the Pedroia mini. Here are my favorite Upper Deck cards:


I didn’t own the Tim Wakefield card before, and I thought the picture of Tulowitzki was awesome. Next Saturday I will blog about two autographs and three fan packs. I will be in Tampa to watch the Red Sox and the Rays on Tuesday, and to go along with that, I will be at Busch Gardens, so I will get a post up about those shortly. Thanks for reading!

Topps Heritage Pack Break

As you might have known, I didn’t get any mail last week. I did purchase a pack of 2013 Topps Heritage, so I figured I should do a post on that instead:



I have never really bought Heritage in the past, but I really like this year’s design. Here are some of the cards I got:



Rangers Rookies, a Red Bryce Harper card, and a Rickie Weeks card that I liked. I was (stupidly) hoping for a Washington Senators variation, but they only come in one out of every 20,000 packs of cards. I didn’t get any mail from a baseball team this week, but I did get some baseball cards from family. Thanks for reading!

“Walgreens” Pack Break

This pack of baseball cards isn’t really a specific brand like Topps or Bowman, so I just called it “Walgreens” because I got it in the toys section of Walgreens:


These contain 100 cards, mostly from the late 80’s and early 90’s. I got it because I saw two cards on the front that I didn’t previously own, including a red 2011 Topps Chrome Ben Revere RC:


I guess I need to stop using the flash on my camera, don’t I?

The next thing I did was try to open the pack of cards, which is kind of difficult if you don’t want to get your fingerprints all over the card. I got some nice cards:


A few cards from the 2010 Topps set were in the pack, including these. I love that I got Austin Jackson’s Rookie Card. That card on the bottom is Mike Moustakas on a 2007 Pro Debut card, which I thought was pretty cool. Thanks for reading!

Topps 2013 Pack Break- Opening Day

A little while ago, I got a pack of 2013 Opening Day Topps. I didn’t get any last year, so I decided to get some this year. Here is the pack I bought:

1st Opening Day pack


I don’t remember the price, but it was around $3. I have to admit, I was moving the packaging to find a card that I wanted, and I was pretty successful for my first card of the set:

1st Opening Day card


Unfortunately, that was my only Red Sox card. Here are the cards I liked:

Best OD Cards- 1st pack


Jay Bruce Ballpark Fun, Darwin Barney Blue, and Adeiny Hechavarria’s rookie card as a member of the Marlins. I have some mail from the week of 4/28-5/4 (although it wasn’t very good) to blog about, and I am hoping to go to the Diamondbacks/Marlins game on May 19. I might even make it to Tampa Bay to watch the Red Sox at the Trop in early June. Thanks for reading!

Mail- Week of 4/7-4/13

Sorry this post is up late!

I didn’t actually get an autograph or a fan pack, but I did get some stuff from family members! My grandmother lives in the Birmingham area, and weirdly, she found this at a local gym:



A Barons 2013 Pocket Schedule! I wanted to get a couple of these this summer when I made the trip to Regions Field, but it was good to get one early! That reminds me- she goes to Montgomery once a month, so I need to ask for some Biscuits schedules for my collection.

A few days later, I got a package from another grandmother. Inside, a pack of baseball cards was waiting for me:



It was the Topps Series 1 2013 Red Sox team set! I was only missing Will Middlebrooks, Alfredo Aceves, and Craig Breslow, and I didn’t own the white Daisuke Matsuzaka and Daniel Nava cards (Matsuzaka- Red, Nava- Blue). No, they aren’t up for trade.

Upcoming Posts:

– Mail- Week of 4/14-4/20

– Santaluces vs. Lake Worth- 4/17

– Ft. Myers vs. Palm Beach- Roger Dean Stadium 4/21-IF I GO

Thanks for reading!

2013 Topps First Cards/Pack Break

Near the beginning of February, I bought my first pack of 2013 Topps baseball cards, but couldn’t post it in time for my second pack, so I will combine these posts.

Here are my first cards:

4 Packs


Here is the first thing I pulled out:

1st card- A.J. Burnett


I am really impressed with the design. It is the best in a couple of years (2009/2010). I think the picture of the diamond above the name is awesome, and the only drawback is that the position of the player isn’t on the front of the card. I also got my first Emerald Foil (Dan Uggla) and Target Exclusive Red Bordered (Vernon Wells). Sorry I don’t have pictures.

The next set of cards came this past weekend, and I couldn’t seem to find the cards in the Wal Mart. As we were leaving, I saw the cards and ran over to the area and grabbed two packs. I was too eager to open the cards, so I didn’t get to take pictures of the packages.I got two $5 36-card packs. Here are the two Emerald Foil cards:

Emerald Foil


Jacoby Ellsbury and Justin Upton- players on my two favorite teams (for those of you who don’t know, I lived in Arizona for 7 years). Here are the Wal Mart Exclusive Blue Bordered cards:



Here are the cards:

– Ben Zobrist

– Buster Posey

– Ryan Cook

– Tommy Hunter

– Mike Minor

– Jasyon Werth

The blue cards are a lot better than the red cards. For those of you who don’t know, here are where you can find the colors:

Blue = Wal Mart

Red = Target

Purple = Toys R Us

I still need Pink, Desert Camo, Black, Purple, and Gold for my collection. Here is the shocking card that I received:

Reyes 331


This is the rare card #331! I am really impressed with this find.

Thanks for reading!

By the way, I am going to the Red Sox game on the 24th at Roger Dean Stadium, so the Fan Pack post might be on Monday the 25th (if I get anything this week).

2013 Topps Baseball Chesklist

FINALLY! I have been looking forward to this set since I first saw the picture of one of the cards. I was really pumped when I saw this:



Now, thanks to bdj610’s Topps Baseball Card Blog, I have the checklist. Here it is:

1 Bryce Harper Washington Nationals
2 Derek Jeter New York Yankees
3 Hunter Pence San Francisco Giants
4 Yadier Molina St. Louis Cardinals
5 Carlos Gonzalez Colorado Rockies
6 Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies
8 Ryan Braun Milwaukee Brewers
9 Dee Gordon Los Angeles Dodgers
10 Adam Jones Baltimore Orioles
11 Yu Darvish Texas Rangers
12 A.J. Pierzynski Chicago White Sox
13 Brett Lawrie Toronto Blue Jays
14 Paul Konerko Chicago White Sox
15 Dustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox
16 Andre Ethier Los Angeles Dodgers
17 Shin-Soo Choo Cleveland Indians
18 Mitch Moreland Texas Rangers
19 Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds
20 Kevin Youkilis Chicago White Sox
21 Lucas Duda New York Mets
22 Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers
23 Jemile Weeks Oakland Athletics
24 Dan Haren Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
25 Mark Teixeira New York Yankees
26 Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies
27 Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
28 Prince Fielder Detroit Tigers
29 Adrian Beltre Texas Rangers
30 Neftali Feliz Texas Rangers
31 Jose Tabata Pittsburgh Pirates
32 Craig Breslow Boston Red Sox
33 Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies
34 Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners
35 Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers
36 Jered Weaver Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
37 Max Scherzer Detroit Tigers
38 Brian Wilson San Francisco Giants
39 Scott Feldman Texas Rangers
40 Chien-Ming Wang Washington Nationals
41 Daniel Hudson Arizona Diamondbacks
43 R.A. Dickey New York Mets
44 Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs
45 Travis Ishikawa Milwaukee Brewers
46 Craig Kimbrel Atlanta Braves
47 Howie Kendrick Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
48 Ryan Cook Oakland Athletics
49 Chris Sale Chicago White Sox
50 Adam Wainwright St. Louis Cardinals
51 Jonathan Broxton Cincinnati Reds
52 CC Sabathia New York Yankees
53 Alex Cobb Tampa Bay Rays
54 Jaime Garcia St. Louis Cardinals
55 Tim Lincecum San Francisco Giants
56 Joe Blanton Los Angeles Dodgers
57 Mark Lowe Texas Rangers
58 Jeremy Hellickson Tampa Bay Rays
59 John Axford Milwaukee Brewers
60 Jon Rauch New York Mets
61 Trevor Bauer Arizona Diamondbacks
62 Tommy Hunter Baltimore Orioles
63 Justin Masterson Cleveland Indians
64 Will Middlebrooks Boston Red Sox
65 J.P. Howell Tampa Bay Rays
66 Daniel Nava Boston Red Sox
68 Colby Rasmus Toronto Blue Jays
69 Marco Scutaro San Francisco Giants POSTSEASON HIGHLIGHTS
70 Todd Frazier Cincinnati Reds
71 Kyle Kendrick Philadelphia Phillies
72 Gerardo Parra Arizona Diamondbacks
73 Brandon Crawford San Francisco Giants
74 Kenley Jansen Los Angeles Dodgers
75 Barry Zito San Francisco Giants
76 Brandon Inge Oakland Athletics
77 Dustin Moseley San Diego Padres
78 Dylan Bundy Baltimore Orioles Rookie
79 Adam Eaton Arizona Diamondbacks Rookie
80 Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals
81 Clayton Kershaw/Johnny Cueto/R.A. Dickey LEAGUE LEADERS
82 Jason Vargas Seattle Mariners
83 Darin Ruf Philadelphia Phillies Rookie
84 Adeiny Hechavarria Toronto Blue Jays Rookie
85 Sean Doolittle Oakland Athletics Rookie
86 Henry Rodriguez Cincinnati Reds Rookie
87 Mike Olt Texas Rangers Rookie
88 Jamey Carroll Minnesota Twins
89 Johan Santana New York Mets RECORD CHASERS
90 Andy Pettitte New York Yankees RECORD CHASERS
91 Alfredo Aceves Boston Red Sox
92 Clint Barmes Pittsburgh Pirates
93 Austin Kearns Miami Marlins
94 Justin Verlander/David Price/Jered Weaver LEAGUE LEADERS
95 Matt Harrison/David Price/Jered Weaver LEAGUE LEADERS
96 Edward Mujica St. Louis Cardinals
97 Danny Espinosa Washington Nationals
98 Gaby Sanchez Pittsburgh Pirates
99 Paco Rodriguez Los Angeles Dodgers Rookie
100 Mike Moustakas Kansas City Royals
101 Bryan Shaw Arizona Diamondbacks
102 Denard Span Minnesota Twins
103 Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays
104 Jed Lowrie Houston Astros
105 Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves
106 Drew Stubbs Cincinnati Reds
107 Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins
108 Kendrys Morales Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
109 Kirk Nieuwenhuis New York Mets
110 Justin Upton Arizona Diamondbacks
111 Casey Kelly San Diego Padres Rookie
112 Mark Reynolds Baltimore Orioles
113 Starlin Castro Chicago Cubs
114 Casey McGehee New York Yankees
115 Tim Hudson Atlanta Braves
116 Brian McCann Atlanta Braves
117 Aubrey Huff San Francisco Giants
118 Daisuke Matsuzaka Boston Red Sox
119 Chris Davis Baltimore Orioles
120 Ian Desmond Washington Nationals
121 Delmon Young Detroit Tigers
122 Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates
123 Rickie Weeks Milwaukee Brewers
124 Ricky Romero Toronto Blue Jays
125 Matt Holliday St. Louis Cardinals
126 Dan Uggla Atlanta Braves
127 Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins
128 Buster Posey San Francisco Giants POSTSEASON HIGHLIGHTS
129 Ike Davis New York Mets
130 Jason Motte St. Louis Cardinals
131 Ian Kennedy Arizona Diamondbacks
132 Ryan Vogelsong San Francisco Giants
133 James Shields Tampa Bay Rays
134 Jake Arrieta Baltimore Orioles
135 Eric Hosmer Kansas City Royals
136 Tyler Clippard Washington Nationals
137 Edinson Volquez San Diego Padres
138 Michael Morse Washington Nationals
139 Bobby Parnell New York Mets
140 Wade Davis Tampa Bay Rays
141 Carlos Santana Cleveland Indians
142 Tony Cingrani Cincinnati Reds Rookie
143 Jim Johnson Baltimore Orioles
144 Jason Bay New York Mets
145 Anthony Bass San Diego Padres
146 Kyle McClellan St. Louis Cardinals
147 Ivan Nova New York Yankees
148 L.J. Hoes Baltimore Orioles Rookie
149 Yovani Gallardo Milwaukee Brewers
150 John Danks Chicago White Sox
151 Alex Rios Chicago White Sox
152 Jose Contreras Philadelphia Phillies
153 Miguel Cabrera/Josh Hamilton/Curtis Granderson LEAGUE LEADERS
154 Sergio Romo San Francisco Giants
155 Mat Latos Cincinnati Reds
156 Dillon Gee New York Mets
157 Carter Capps Seattle Mariners Rookie
158 Chad Billingsley Los Angeles Dodgers
159 Felipe Paulino Kansas City Royals
160 Stephen Drew Oakland Athletics
161 Bronson Arroyo Cincinnati Reds
162 Kyle Seager Seattle Mariners
163 J.A. Happ Toronto Blue Jays
164 Lucas Harrell Houston Astros
165 Ramon Hernandez Colorado Rockies
166 Logan Ondrusek Cincinnati Reds
167 Luke Hochevar Kansas City Royals
168 Kyle Farnsworth Tampa Bay Rays
169 Brad Ziegler Arizona Diamondbacks
170 Eury Perez Washington Nationals Rookie
171 Brock Holt Pittsburgh Pirates Rookie
172 Nyjer Morgan Milwaukee Brewers
173 Tyler Skaggs Arizona Diamondbacks Rookie
174 Jason Grilli Pittsburgh Pirates
175 A.J. Ramos Miami Marlins Rookie
176 Robert Andino Baltimore Orioles
177 Elliot Johnson Tampa Bay Rays
178 Justin Maxwell Houston Astros
180 Casey Kotchman Cleveland Indians
181 Jeff Keppinger Tampa Bay Rays
182 Randy Choate Los Angeles Dodgers
183 Drew Hutchison Toronto Blue Jays
184 Geovany Soto Texas Rangers
185 Rob Scahill Colorado Rockies Rookie
186 Jordan Pacheco Colorado Rockies
187 Nick Maronde Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Rookie
188 Brian Fuentes St. Louis Cardinals
189 Buster Posey/Andrew McCutchen/Ryan Braun LEAGUE LEADERS
190 Daniel Descalso St. Louis Cardinals
191 Chris Capuano Los Angeles Dodgers
192 Javier Lopez San Francisco Giants
193 Matt Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals
194 Edwin Encarnacion/Miguel Cabrera/Josh Hamilton LEAGUE LEADERS
195 Chris Heisey Cincinnati Reds
196 Ryan Vogelsong San Francisco Giants WORLD SERIES HIGHLIGHTS
197 Tyler Cloyd Philadelphia Phillies Rookie
198 Chris Coghlan Miami Marlins
199 Avisail Garcia Detroit Tigers Rookie
200 Scott Downs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
201 Jonny Venters Atlanta Braves
202 Zack Cozart Cincinnati Reds
203 Wilson Ramos Washington Nationals
204 Alex Gordon Kansas City Royals
205 Ryan Theriot San Francisco Giants
206 Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Phillies
207 Matt Holliday St. Louis Cardinals
208 Kurt Suzuki Washington Nationals
209 David DeJesus Chicago Cubs
210 Vernon Wells Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
211 Jarrod Parker Oakland Athletics
212 Eric Chavez New York Yankees
213 Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees
214 Curtis Granderson New York Yankees
215 Gordon Beckham Chicago White Sox
216 Josh Willingham Minnesota Twins
217 Brian Matusz Baltimore Orioles
218 Ben Zobrist Tampa Bay Rays
219 Josh Beckett Los Angeles Dodgers
220 Octavio Dotel Detroit Tigers
221 Heath Bell Arizona Diamondbacks
222 Jason Heyward Atlanta Braves
223 Yonder Alonso San Diego Padres
224 Jon Jay St. Louis Cardinals
225 Will Venable San Diego Padres
226 Derek Lowe New York Yankees
227 Jose Altuve Houston Astros
228 Adrian Gonzalez Los Angeles Dodgers
229 Jeff Samardzija Chicago Cubs
230 David Robertson New York Yankees
231 Melky Mesa New York Yankees Rookie
232 Jake Odorizzi Kansas City Royals Rookie
233 Edwin Jackson Washington Nationals
234 A.J. Burnett Pittsburgh Pirates
235 Jake Westbrook St. Louis Cardinals
236 Joe Nathan Texas Rangers
237 Brandon Lyon Toronto Blue Jays
238 Carlos Zambrano Miami Marlins
239 Ramon Santiago Detroit Tigers
240 J.J. Putz Arizona Diamondbacks
241 Jacoby Ellsbury Boston Red Sox
242 Matt Kemp Los Angeles Dodgers
243 Aaron Crow Kansas City Royals
244 Lucas Luetge Seattle Mariners
245 Jason Isringhausen Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
246 Ryan Braun/Giancarlo Stanton/Jay Bruce LEAGUE LEADERS
247 Luis Perez Toronto Blue Jays
248 Colby Lewis Texas Rangers
249 Vance Worley Philadelphia Phillies
250 Jonathon Niese New York Mets
251 Sean Marshall Cincinnati Reds
252 Dustin Ackley Seattle Mariners
253 Adam Greenberg Miami Marlins Rookie
254 Sean Burnett Washington Nationals
255 Josh Johnson Miami Marlins
256 Madison Bumgarner San Francisco Giants WORLD SERIES HIGHLIGHTS
257 Mike Minor Atlanta Braves
258 Doug Fister Detroit Tigers
259 Bartolo Colon Oakland Athletics
260 San Francisco Giants POSTSEASON HIGHLIGHTS
261 Trevor Rosenthal St. Louis Cardinals Rookie
262 Kevin Correia Pittsburgh Pirates
263 Ted Lilly Los Angeles Dodgers
264 Roy Halladay Philadelphia Phillies RECORD CHASERS
265 Tyler Colvin Colorado Rockies
266 Albert Pujols Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim RECORD CHASERS
267 Jason Kipnis Cleveland Indians
268 David Lough Kansas City Royals Rookie
270 Manny Machado Baltimore Orioles Rookie
271 Jeurys Familia New York Mets Rookie
272 Ryan Braun/Alfonso Soriano/Chase Headley LEAGUE LEADERS
273 Dexter Fowler Colorado Rockies
274 Miguel Montero Arizona Diamondbacks
275 Johnny Cueto Cincinnati Reds
276 Luis Ayala Baltimore Orioles
277 Brendan Ryan Seattle Mariners
278 Christian Garcia Washington Nationals Rookie
279 Vicente Padilla Boston Red Sox
280 Rafael Dolis Chicago Cubs
281 David Hernandez Arizona Diamondbacks
282 Russell Martin New York Yankees
283 CC Sabathia New York Yankees
284 Angel Pagan San Francisco Giants POSTSEASON HIGHLIGHTS
285 Addison Reed Chicago White Sox
286 Jurickson Profar Texas Rangers Rookie
287 Johnny Cueto/Gio Gonzalez/R.A. Dickey LEAGUE LEADERS
288 Starling Marte Pittsburgh Pirates
289 Jeremy Guthrie Kansas City Royals
290 Tom Layne San Diego Padres Rookie
291 Ryan Sweeney Boston Red Sox
292 Matt Thornton Chicago White Sox
293 Jeff Karstens Pittsburgh Pirates
294 Mike Trout/Adrian Beltre/Miguel Cabrera LEAGUE LEADERS
295 Brandon League Los Angeles Dodgers
296 Didi Gregorius Cincinnati Reds Rookie
297 Michael Saunders Seattle Mariners
298 Pablo Sandoval San Francisco Giants WORLD SERIES HIGHLIGHTS
299 Darwin Barney Chicago Cubs
300 Daniel Murphy New York Mets
301 Jarrod Saltalamacchia Boston Red Sox
302 Aaron Hill Arizona Diamondbacks
303 Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees RECORD CHASERS
304 Kyle Drabek Toronto Blue Jays
305 Shelby Miller St. Louis Cardinals Rookie
306 Jerry Hairston Los Angeles Dodgers
307 Norichika Aoki Milwaukee Brewers
308 Desmond Jennings Tampa Bay Rays
309 Endy Chavez Baltimore Orioles
310 Edwin Encarnacion Toronto Blue Jays
311 Rajai Davis Toronto Blue Jays
312 Scott Hairston New York Mets
313 Maicer Izturis Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
314 A.J. Ellis Los Angeles Dodgers
315 Rafael Furcal St. Louis Cardinals
316 Josh Reddick Oakland Athletics
318 Hiroki Kuroda New York Yankees
319 Brian Bogusevic Houston Astros
320 Michael Young Texas Rangers
321 Allen Craig St. Louis Cardinals
322 Alex Gonzalez Milwaukee Brewers
323 Michael Brantley Cleveland Indians
324 Cameron Maybin San Diego Padres
325 Kevin Millwood Seattle Mariners
326 Andruw Jones New York Yankees
327 Jhonny Peralta Detroit Tigers
328 Jayson Werth Washington Nationals
329 Rafael Soriano New York Yankees
330 Ryan Raburn Detroit Tigers
331 Jose Reyes Toronto Blue Jays

The design is really cool, and I’m looking forward to adding to my collection. I wasn’t able to complete any full set, but I hope to get very close with 2013 Topps. Keep checking back for updates on my autographs and fan packs. Thanks for reading!