Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Fest 2012

Back in February of 2012, my mother and I went to the Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Fest. Admission was free, and you could pay $5 to get an autograph. I hadn’t been to Chase Field since 2009, when I saw the D-backs play the Braves (Chipper Jones hit a home run off of future Cy Young Award Winner Max Scherzer and I don’t have any pictures). I still wasn’t great at exploring the ballpark and taking as many photos as possible. I will share what I have.

We arrived at Chase Field, from what I remember, between 11:00 and noon. Parking cost somewhere between $5 and $10, about a block away from the park. We walked pass the home of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, U.S. Airways Arena Center (I’m not a basketball fan) and arrived at the ballpark:

Bats DBacks FF

Like I said, I wasn’t exploring the ballpark like I should have. This is the only photo I took of the exterior of the ballpark. When we got inside, we were amazed by the crowd:

Crowds 3

Keep in mind, the Diamondbacks won the NL West in 2011, and I think I remember hearing that the 2011 Fan Fest wasn’t even close to this. Want to see the line for autographs?

Crowds DBacks FF

As you might have guessed, I didn’t get any autographs. The wait was really long, and we didn’t even purchase the ticket for autographs yet- think about that line. I did get to walk on the actual playing field:

Chase Field Dugout

As you can see, I was right in front of the dugout. I didn’t go in there either because it was roped off or you had to pay for a clubhouse tour. Here is more proof of me on the playing field:

Chase Field Scoreboard 4

You can’t go directly underneath the scoreboard unless you are on the playing field. While I took that photo, these guys were talking for Fox Sports Arizona:

Grace Sutton Young Upton Kubel Parra

From left to right, you’re looking at Mark Grace, Daron Sutton (I think), Chris Young, Justin Upton, Jason Kubel, and Gerrardo Parra. Unfortunately, three of those players are gone (Young- NYM, Upton- ATL, Kubel- Free Agent). Many of my friends in Arizona were big fans of Justin Upton. Here are some pictures of the enormous scoreboard:

Chase Field Scoreboard 2

Chase Field Scoreboard 5

We went back to the seats of my first game, where I got a photo of the scoreboard:

Chase Field Scoreboard

From there, we could see some players in the visitor’s bullpen:

Ian Kennedy

Ian Kennedy

Willie Bloomquist

Willie Bloomquist

Daniel Hudson David Hernandez

Left- Daniel Hudson, Right- David Hernandez

We did make a stop in the team store, which was packed. The check out line stretched across the store. I got this t-shirt:


The roster is listed on the back. As we were waiting in line, we saw a basket full of these discount mini-bats- on sale for $1 each. I picked one up, and it started my mini bat collection (I have six of them now):


This was my first and only fan fest, and it was great. Lots of the things that the D-backs had for fun were not for me or were only accessible with a small fee. There were autographs, photos, and some small games. There was even a silent auction, where we noticed a Billy Buckner (no, not the one who let the ball slip through his legs- this one) autograph going up for over $150.

That is all I have. Thanks for reading!

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