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Topps/Upper Deck Pack Breaks

I didn’t find an autograph or a fan pack last week, so instead, I will blog about baseball cards. Last week, my Grandfather sent a package to my family, and I found these inside:


There was a pack of 2013 Topps Series 1 and a pack of Upper Deck, which included both Series 1 and 2. I went on to open the pack of Topps cards, and I am happy with what was in it. Here are just a few:


I wanted the Adam Greenberg card ever since Topps posted a picture of it last off season, and I finally got one in this pack of cards. Another awesome card was my only Red Sox card, the Pedroia mini. Here are my favorite Upper Deck cards:


I didn’t own the Tim Wakefield card before, and I thought the picture of Tulowitzki was awesome. Next Saturday I will blog about two autographs and three fan packs. I will be in Tampa to watch the Red Sox and the Rays on Tuesday, and to go along with that, I will be at Busch Gardens, so I will get a post up about those shortly. Thanks for reading!

“Walgreens” Pack Break

This pack of baseball cards isn’t really a specific brand like Topps or Bowman, so I just called it “Walgreens” because I got it in the toys section of Walgreens:


These contain 100 cards, mostly from the late 80’s and early 90’s. I got it because I saw two cards on the front that I didn’t previously own, including a red 2011 Topps Chrome Ben Revere RC:


I guess I need to stop using the flash on my camera, don’t I?

The next thing I did was try to open the pack of cards, which is kind of difficult if you don’t want to get your fingerprints all over the card. I got some nice cards:


A few cards from the 2010 Topps set were in the pack, including these. I love that I got Austin Jackson’s Rookie Card. That card on the bottom is Mike Moustakas on a 2007 Pro Debut card, which I thought was pretty cool. Thanks for reading!