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Fan Packs Week of 2/11-2/16

In my last blog post about a week ago I blogged that I would sum up all of the fan packs I received in one week on a Sunday post. Here is the fan pack I received last week:



This is the envelope I received from the Los Angeles Dodgers. I sent a request for pocket schedules on December 31, and this is what was inside:

3 Pocket Schedules

I got three pocket schedules from the Dodgers. I think these are a lot better than last years schedules (sorry there is no picture). This came on February 12, and took only 43 days. 43 days is a lot better than getting no response whatsoever (which has happened to me about 100 times).

Thanks for reading, and thanks to the Dodgers!

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You may have read in another post about some IP autographs at Roger Dean Stadium and Tradition Field- I might not get those (at least not in Port St. Lucie) because something came up, and unfortunately, the Red Sox game on the 24th is in jeopardy.