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Mail- Week of 6/2-6/8

If you might have noticed, I haven’t been getting much mail lately. I have been way behind on fan pack requests and I had several TTM requests that were out for a while. I was hoping for more mail, and I got it this week.

On June 3rd, I found two autographs in the mail. One of them was from Dallas, TX, which was weird considering I hadn’t mailed anything to the Rangers this season. It turns out the autograph was from Spring Training:



I sent this card to David Murphy back in February, and I was wondering where it could have been. I read online that he signs autographs TTM, so it was a little weird getting this in June- but I was happy to get it.

Sent: Feb. 12, 2013

Received: Jun 3, 2013- 111 Days, which is now my longest return time

The other autograph I got was from a former Red Sox and a current Athletic, Jed Lowrie:



I previously got this from him. This was a pretty nice autograph- if you look closely, he signed his Rookie Card.

Sent: May 25, 2013

Received: Jun 3, 2013- 9 Days

On my last day of 10th grade, June 6th, I came home to find two fan packs in the mail, and they came from the Red Sox and Yankees AA teams, the Sea Dogs and the Thunder:





They both sent identical fan packs, and even the dates are identical:





Sent: Jun 1, 2013

Received: Jun 6, 2013- 5 Days


Sent: Jun 1, 2013

Received: Jun 6, 2013- 5 Days

Last but not least, I got a fan pack from the Chicago White Sox on the 8th:



That is something from Lynn University covering my address. That was the closest thing to me.



– Pride Club

– Southpaw Appearances



– Publication Order Form

– Kids Club Membership (no, I didn’t get into Pride Club or a Kids Membership for free)



– A note thanking me for my interest in the White Sox



– Two Pocket Schedules

– One Sticker

I love the design of the White Sox pocket schedules this season. I have Alexi Ramirez, Adam Dunn, and now two Jake Peavy schedules.

Sent: Jun 2, 2013

Received: Jun 8, 2013- 6 Days

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Jed Lowrie, David Murphy, the SeaDogs, Thunder, and White Sox! I will have a post up about a some-what fun yet some-what crappy visit to Tropicana Field and a post about Busch Gardens- Tampa up soon.

Fan Packs Week of 3/4-3/9

I only got one fan pack this past week, and it was from the Chicago White Sox (although I did request some more fan packs on Friday night). Here is what I pulled out of my mailbox on Monday:



I sent the White Sox a fan pack on February 23, and I got this on Monday. Their fan pack was pretty generic:



The White Sox sent:

1 Sticker

2 2013 Pocket Schedules

1 Letter

1 Pride Club Order Form

1 Southpaw Visits Info

Thanks to the Chicago White Sox, and thanks for reading!

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