Roger Dean Stadium- 8/11/2013

After a couple of games outside of South Florida, I was excited to go to Roger Dean Stadium again. The Jupiter Hammerheads were hosting the Fort Myers Miracle:


I didn’t actually take that picture. It came off Google Images. I came to this game with my friend, Ben, who you might remember from this post. He plays baseball for my school, but we never actually got a picture for the blog.

On this date, the Hammerheads were playing continuation of a suspended game from June and playing the game scheduled for the night. Free baseball!

Back on 5/19, I won a free ticket to any Florida State League game this year, so I decided to use it on this game. Ben also got a free ticket:

Ticket Stub

More free baseball!

The night before, Roger Dean Stadium held its “Back to School” night, where kids got free backpacks and free school supplies. I heard from some fans that it was tough to ballhawk and get autographs:

School Bus

We went into the stadium and found a seat on the Miracle side of the stadium. My goals were to get baseball cards signed by Doug Mientkiewicz, Jim Dwyer, and Casey Kotchman, who was on a rehab assignment with the Hammerheads:                    kotchman

Doug Mientkiewicz came out and signed some cards for me:


If you haven’t noticed, I used to take a ton of pictures, and now, there aren’t many. I have a camera with terrible zoom, and I plan to upgrade to the Nikon D3200 this December. Next year will be better.

Anyways, after Jim Dwyer and Doug Mientkiewicz signed, we went to the Hammerheads side to get some autographs from them and, most importantly, from Casey Kotchman. We saw Hammerheads manager Andy Haines walk out, and he posed for a quick photo:


And signed a couple autographs:


You can’t see it in this picture, but he actually had a stack of line-up cards in his hand. I asked him if he could give me one, and he said after game one. Then I asked him about Casey Kotchman, and he said Casey would be out for Game Two.

We continued getting autographs, and after a while, I decided to take some action shots of Joel Effertz, the game’s starting pitcher:




We went to get food, and the game started. After a couple of innings, I tried for 3rd out balls, but failed. There were lots of kids on the Hammerheads side, and the Miracle didn’t throw much into the crowd. As I said before, I’m not taking a lot of pictures because I’m not satisfied with the result. Here are some more photos:


This was one of the first pitches of the continuation of the game from June.


This is an edited shot of Hammerheads reliever Greg Nappo.


Josh Hodges

All of those players are actually on the Hammerheads pitching staff. They were walking to and from the bullpen when I took the pictures, and I spent most of my time on the Hammerheads side.

The first game ended not to long after its start, with a final score of 5-2 Miracle. And Haines came out with the line-up card, and he signed it. Then, I thought: “If all of the players are coming out for a second ballgame, why not get Doug Mientkiewicz to sign the line-up card?” That’s what I did, along with Casey Kotchman and several other Hammerheads.

When Casey Kotchman came up to bat, I decided to photograph the scoreboard. I took about 5 photos, and this was the best one:


During the game, I talked to some fans with bats. They were signed by all kinds of Marlins prospects like Derek Dietrich. One fan, the father, was a Yankee fan, and the other, the son, was a Sox fan. It was great to talk to them.

It was nearing 9:00, and I had been at the ballpark since 4:00. My mom was ready to pick me up, so I left in the 5th inning of Game Two. I’m never excited to leave a baseball game early, but I was satisfied with what I got:


This was the line-up card, which is actually my first ever! If you look on the top left, Andy Haines signed it, and on the top right is Doug Mientkiewicz’s autograph. That wasn’t it:


Mientkiewicz signed three other cards for me


It looks like Casey rushed to sign these cards, because “Kotchman” wasn’t completed.


Jim Dwyer probably raised the value of these cards about a cent- now worth 5 cents. That’s better than most 80’s baseball cards!


Andy Haines (who is now my favorite Hammerhead)


Josh Adams- He struck out in the bottom of the 9th in Game One and flung his bat into the dugout. I was hoping to get it from him, but decided not to, because he would probably throw it at me

Nick Wittgren


Ross Wilson

Wilfredo Jiminez


Alfredo Lopez

Ryan Fisher

Greg Nappo

Frankie Reed

Joel Effertz


Joe Coleman

I don’t know the autograph on the bottom

The next 3 autographs are from the Miracle


The first two autographs are from this game. The last one is JD Williams.


Dalton Hicks

Mike Kvasnicka


Autographs: 24

Baseballs: 0

Other- 1 Line-up Card

Final Score:

Game One: Miracle 5, Hammerheads 2

Game Two: Miracle 3, Hammerheads 1

That is it. In case you’re wondering why this was so short, it’s because I don’t have many photos, and it’s hard to explain without showing a picture. Again, next year will be better. Thanks for reading!

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    • joshuamcneil

      Yeah, the stadium is amazing! It is perfect for autographs- I have at least 10 autographs in each game there, and the players are really friendly. Thanks for reading!
      – Josh

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