Riverwalk Stadium- 7/9/2013

After going to an amazing game in Birmingham the night before, my Grandmother and I made the two-hour journey to Montgomery for her meeting. She knew I was obsessed with baseball, so she offered to take me to Riverwalk Stadium, home of the Montgomery Biscuits, before her meeting. We couldn’t make it to game, so we settled with a quick visit. Here was the view when we got out of the car:

1st look at Riverwalk Stadium

Once we got up to the entrance, we found some men working on the ballpark. One of them greeted us and asked if we would like to look around. We said Yes, Thanks, and walked inside the former Jailhouse:



In the first picture, you might have noticed a ticket office:

Ticket office

Riverwalk Stadium is, believe it or not, is in an old Confederate Jail:


You can click on the picture to read more about it. It is actually pretty interesting how they converted a jail and a railroad station into a baseball stadium:

Train station

Inside the Railway Station, you can find the Biscuit Basket, home to Biscuit apparel and merchandise:

Biscuit Basket

I can’t remember if there was a door on the outside, but on the inside, you could definitely enter, even on non-game days (which leads me to believe there is a door on the outside of the stadium).

Biscuit Basket (2)

When we got inside, there was yellow tape, indicating where there was wet paint:


I walked around the wet paint and took a photo from behind home plate:


While we were there, we noticed these on the edges of the rows of seats:


Here is the view inside of the (covered) concourse:


In here, you can find concessions, like this one, called the “Train Station”:

Train Station food

Here is another, called the “Rail Yard”:

Railyard (2)


Or, you could go to the “outdoor” concourse and find concessions like these:


I walked over to right field, where there is a berm:

View from Berm

From here, you have a pretty good view of the 333 Ft. marker in right field:

RF 333 marker

You can actually walk into the outfield in Riverwalk Stadium:

View from RF

That photo was more in right field. Here is one from center field:

View from CF

From here, you can see Downtown Montgomery, and you have a pretty good view of a baseball game with an added chance that you’ll catch a home run. You may notice, on the left, is the former Confederate Jail, and on the right is the suites and former Railway station. Here is the door to one of the Suites:

Doors to suites

Here are some more views of the Suites:

Suites (3)

Here is a view of the seating bowl from the Suites with a view from the third base side:

Seating bowl

View from 3B line

There is also a playground behind the seating bowl:


Here are the scoreboards:

Scoreboard (3)


Overall, it was a great visit. I wasn’t able to make it to a game, but the stadium was amazing, and the workers there were much kinder than the Ray’s security two levels up. Here is what I got out of the Biscuit Basket:

Mini Bat

Another mini-bat for my mini-bat collection. Thanks for reading! I will have posts up for a ton of mail and another game I went to a couple of weeks ago.


    • joshuamcneil

      Mike- Thanks! I wish I could have seen a game, but it didn’t work out. I hope I can get to Jacksonville soon- how is the stadium? Thanks for reading!
      – Josh

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