Regions Field- 7/8/2013

Way back in 2011, I made it to Birmingham, Alabama, hoping to see an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field. Back then, I wasn’t aware of how amazing Minor League Baseball was, and when my Grandparents said we couldn’t make the three hour drive, we settled on my first MiLB game ever- at the old Regions Park:

Regions Park

Regions Park lies in the suburbs of Birmingham, in a town called Hoover. This game started a tradition- I visit Birmingham every year for the Fourth of July and the Barons. The following year, the Barons announced their move to a new, modern downtown facility called “Regions Field.” My last game at Regions Park was on 7/3/2012, and this year, with the name changed to “Hoover Metropolitan Stadium” and the Barons gone, I made my way to a new ballpark:


The little kid on the bottom right would be my cousin, Gavin. This was the first view I got of Regions Field. I went to get my ticket print-out exchanged for a ticket stub, and Minor League baseball continues to amaze me:

Ticket Stub-Pocket Schedules

There is a ticket stub on top (sorry about the blurriness). When I went to Tropicana Field, the ticket office didn’t even know what a ticket stub was. A Double-A baseball team can put a bit of information into a computer and print out a ticket stub (I don’t know what it is about those, but they are cool). On the bottom, there are two pocket schedules. I think the Barons should have put something about Regions Field on the front, but they still look great.

I walked pass the kid’s play area:

Kids Play Area

The Barons Executive Entry:

Executive Entry

These photos were all taken down the third base line. As you can see, the Baron’s logo is painted on the brick:

Down 3rd base line, looking at logo

There is a 3rd base entry closer to the Kid’s play place:

3rd base gate

I went to the Home Plate Entrance, which is next to the ticket office:

Home plate entry

I didn’t actually walk down there, but I crossed the street for a quick picture of the outside of Regions Field:


If you’ve noticed, I have been getting autographs on crappy Official League baseballs instead of Major League Balls. I had one left, so I decided to head over to the Barons Team Store to get a logo ball:

Sports Depot

I was actually in a rush. We got there about 5 minutes after the gates opened, and getting the ticket added about 5 minutes. I ran inside to get my baseball:

Team Shop

Barons Baseball

The team shop had everything from shirts to caps to pennants. I would go back in there for more stuff, as you will see later.

I went down to the Barons dugout to try and get a practice ball- and I got two as the players walked in:

Barons warm up

I gave one of them to my cousin, and we went to get some food:

Consession Stand

Fries and a Hot Dog

When I went to Regions Park back in 2011, I got a mystery meat hamburger. The hot dog that I got at this game tasted great, and the fries were amazing. It was much better than the food I had at the last stadium.

Soon after eating, Britt Burns and the starting pitcher came out to warm up. Gavin and I got Burns to sign (or those of you who don’t know, he is the Barons pitching coach). I didn’t take a lot of player photo’s because of my crappy camera and the low light, but I have a few. Therefore, there is no photo of Britt Burns.

Gavin and I walked over to the dugout to get more autographs, and several players came over to sign. Trayce Thompson gave me my 100th autograph of the year:

Trayce Thompson

I took that picture of him instead of getting a picture with him because there were several other players signing to my left. Babe Ruff, the Barons mascot, came by in a car:

Babe Ruff

Then, he came back to sign a couple of autographs and take a picture with my cousin:

Babe Ruff signing

Gavin and Babe Ruff

Jared Mitchell was the one of the last Barons to sign, and as the other players were walking in, I snapped this picture of him:

Jared Mitchell signs

The game started, and I pretty much stayed in my seat for the majority of the game to visit with my Grandparents. I walked around the stadium to take some photos:

Seating Bowl

This is the view from center field. As you can see, there is a scoreboard on the left side of the picture for any fans in the outfield.

View from kid's play ares

This is the view from the kid’s play area, which is actually called the “Brighthouse Family Fun Park”, located down the third base line:

Bright House Family Fun park

Kid's play area

There is also a small, replica baseball diamond in center field:

Mini Ballfield

Mini Ballfield (2)

Here is the view from behind home plate:

Regions Field (2)

The tall white, glass building to the right is Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital. Here is another look at it:

Children's Hospital

Here are some shots of Regions Field’s scoreboard:


Scoreboard- Downtown

I’m not entirely sure what all of the buildings are, but I know the building closest to the scoreboard is a Wells Fargo building and the black one next to it is for Regions Bank. As you can see, you can sit underneath the scoreboard:

Scoreboard- Under

You can also walk behind it:

Scoreboard- Sunset

Here are some sunset photos:

Regions Field

Regions Field- Sunset

There are some batting cages in right field:

Batting Cages (2)

Batting Cages

The Barons would go on to win the game by a final of 6-4, and after the game, I went to the Barons dugout to try and get the line-up card from Julio Vinas, the manager. He said that he kept it for managerial purposes, so I didn’t get it. Then, a kid next to me got a broken bat, and I came very close to getting one myself. I asked a player for one, and he was going to hand it to me before he took it back to the locker room. Vinas was signing autographs, but my Grandfather likes to go to bed at 8:00, and as you can imagine, he was tired (it was around 10:00 and we had a 1/2 hour drive). I decided to skip Vinas’s autograph and leave. Here are my autographs:

Ball 1, 1

From top to bottom:

Trayce Thompson

Daniel Wagner

Jared Mitchell

Ball 1, 2

Britt Burns

Mike Blanke

Dan Black

Jeremy Dowdy

Michael Early

Gary Ward Autographed 1990 Topps

Gary Ward on a 1990 Topps

The two balls that I kept were not photographed, and because this is going up so late, I’m not going to add it. The other two went to my cousin, and one of them was  game-used foul ball that hit someone’s camera (the camera man was in the dugout). The other ball that I kept was a 3rd out ball, and when I caught it, these kids who were behind my seats were saying, “Here, Here, Throw it here!” I had already given away one ball, and these kids were yelling in my ears and kicking my seat, so there was no way they were getting the ball.

Here are the souvenir cups I got:


I also got this Ice-Cream helmet:

Ice Cream Helmet

The Barons Souvenir Program:

2013 souvenir program

A pennant:

Barons Pennant

That was about it. Thanks to all of the players for the baseballs/autographs, and thanks for reading!

I went to Montgomery the following day, so expect a post up soon with pictures of Riverwalk Stadium. I didn’t go to a game, but I tried to take as many pictures as possible in a 15-20 minute time frame (my Grandmother goes down there once a month for meetings, and we needed to get lunch).


  1. Minoring In Baseball

    Hey, great post! Awesome pics, and it looks like you guys had a fun time. I really like the stadium, too, and maybe I need to geet back to Alabama for some games. I look forward to your Montgomery post.

    • joshuamcneil

      Thanks! It was a lot of fun, and I would definitely recommend Regions Field. One of the drawbacks, though, is the speakers. They are very loud, even for my Grandparents. Their hearing isn’t that great, but they were complaining about it.

    • joshuamcneil

      Thanks! I’ve been keeping up with your blog as well, and I’ve noticed you’ve had some great road trips! I hope you can get to South Florida within the next few years; I could give you an overview of Roger Dean Stadium. Thanks for reading.
      – Josh

      • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

        Yep, I’ve had lots of fun this summer. Definitely looking forward to getting to Florida soon. No idea when, but you never know. I do hope to travel even more next year, so we’ll see.

      • joshuamcneil

        I’m actually in West Palm Beach, so about four hours (and I’m 15, so I couldn’t hop in the car and drive there). The Tampa area has 3 Spring Training ballparks, 1 MLB park, and 3 Minor League parks, not to mention, short drives south and east and you’ll find Lakeland, Sarasota, and Bradenton. Are you coming in 2014, and if so, would you drive (2 days) or fly (couple hours)?

      • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

        Gotcha. I’m thinking the Dunedin-St. Pete-Tampa area because I’m a Jays fan, but if I come, I’ll likely check out some of the surrounding area, too.
        No idea if I’m coming in 2014, but whenever I do come, I’ll definitely be flying.

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