Santaluces vs. Boynton Beach- 4/11/2013

Yes, another high school game. Fortunately for me, Santaluces played better baseball this time around. If you don’t know, I attended a game on 4/6 vs. Royal Palm. The tickets are just $2, which is awesome, because you don’t get deals like that to watch professional games.

I got there at 6:10 for a 6:30 start. Coach Franco, who gave me the job of recording stats for next years team, spotted me on the bleachers and asked if I wanted to operate the scoreboard. I said yes, and he told me I would get community service- about 4 hours. It always feels great to get Community Service for doing something you love.

Here is what I was using to operate the scoreboard:


You would press “Strike-1” to indicate a strike, and “Ball-1” to indicate a ball. If there was a second strike, you would press “Strike- 1” again, and it would add the two strikes. When next batter would step up, you would press “Strike- Reset”. For an out, you would press “Out- 1”, and you would go to 2, then 3. When you got to the 3rd, it automatically reset to zero outs. For the inning, you would press “Inning- 1” and the numbers would add up, and for the score, you would press “Home Score- 1” or “Guest Score- 1”, depending on who earned the run. I’ll show the final score near the end of the post.

Santaluces got off to a good start. The same pitcher who I saw in my last Santaluces game was phenomenal (I don’t know his name). He was even getting some bad calls that would benefit him- occasionally, if there was a pitch inside, the umpire would rule it a strike.

The Boynton Beach Tigers, who have LSU colors and a purple Boston “B” for their logo, had terrible pitchers. One of their pitchers could not find the strike zone and would end up walking 4-5 batters.

Here is the “Press Box”:


I was sitting in the chair on the left, and a staff member named “Chef” (I am not the most popular kid in school) was recording statistics. Because of my amazing view, I was able to stick my camera’s lens through the chain-link fence and use the flash. Here are the Boynton players:




Our catcher was hit by a foul ball that he hit:


I put the Tigers in the photo on the left. I also took pictures of the guy I know best, Ben Fagan:


After the game, I got a weird shot of the final score:


Santaluces won, 11-1, in 6 innings. We won on a bobbled fly ball by the right fielder, which gave us the 10- run lead. Here is my ticket stub:


It was bent after being shoved into my pocket. After the game, I was bored, and went to take a picture of the Santaluces Aquatic Center:


I also got a shot of the cars that filled up the parking lot:


Our game wasn’t that packed- there was another game going on at another field. I am looking forward to my next baseball game (which could be on 4/16 at my school), but I don’t have a set date. Thanks for reading!

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